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I am no longer directing the Cinderella Pageant in California, After years of experience in pageantry and in the entertainment industry I am so happy to announce I am joining All American Rascals Talent Agency! If you are interested in being represented, please submit a photo, resume if you have one and a short bio.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pageant Sponsors

I am looking for people and/or businesses that are interested in becoming Cinderella Scholarship Pageant Sponsors. I am currently looking for these type of sponsors:
Scholarship Sponsors - a scholarship will be given to one of our Overall Winners or a specially selected contestant from your criteria
Photography/Video Sponsor - to photograph and video tape the pageant
Audio Sponsor - to provide audio services
Title Sponsor - a title will be awarded in your name at the State Pageant who will be feature in our national advertising and our website
Fashion Show Sponsor - a clothing line, designer or store that will sponsor our fashion show luncheon'
Exhibitors - we will be having a trade show area inside the competition area so your business will always be insight of all the participants
Cosmetics Sponsor - to donate product to our contestants and/or winners
Hair Product Sponsors - to donate hair care items to our contestants and/or winners
Gift Bag Sponsors - magazines, products, gift certificates, sample products, etc to give to each contestant in the pageant

Depending on what type of Sponsorship you chose, here are some the benefits of being a California Cinderella Sponsor:
Full page ad in State Program Book
Reserved seating and complimentary tickes to all events and functions
Link or ad on our website
Introduction on stage at Grand Finals
Exhibitor space to sell your product
Recognition by emcee on stage at beginning of every event (several times a day)

I will be limiting the number of sponsors and there will be only one sponsor from a certain area (one cosmetic sponsor, one fashion show sponsor, etc). You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to reach a new group of consumers, help a worthwhile cause - scholarships for young men and women and do it affordably!

Contact me now for more information

Looking for Directors

Do you love pageants? Have you always to be a Pageant Director? I am looking for Local and Regional Directors all over California. Contact me for more information. I will do whatever I can to help you get started and be successful.

Do you have a small system and would like the chance to send your contestants to a large international event? Ask me how you can send your contestants to our International Finals in Las Vegas in August 2008 with the California delegation!

Laguna Beach:Producers Seek Contestants and Moms

Laguna Beach: Producers Seek Contestants and Moms

The producers of "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" are currently casting pageant contestants and their mothers for a possible new docu-reality show following the success of the hit film, "Little Miss Sunshine"! This show is cast-contingent, which means it will not go until we have secured an amazing group of moms and their daughters! And I know we can do that!

This show will chronicle the lives of 3 families and their daughters (ages 4-8) as they pursue their dreams of pageantry. I am looking for 3 mothers who all know each other through pageants and are FRIENDLY with one another -maybe you do home-school together, play-dates, church, or belong to a mom's group. All Three families MUST live in the same city! Their daughters should be about the same age. So if you and your pageant friends are good-looking, fun, energetic and are multi-tasking moms who might want fame and fortune with your own television show, this is for you!

If this sounds like you and your friends AND ALL your daughters are ages 4-8 years old, please email a pic of your daughter, family in JPG format, along with day and evening contact information and your city and state. If we are interested we will call you!

Please ONLY respond if you fit the casting criteria.:
- You must have a daughter aged 4-8 currently competing in pageants .
- You must be one of 3 Moms who are friendly with each other and live in the same city/town/neighborhood. All three moms and their families must be willing to participate.

You are encouraged to apply together as a group of friends\

Thank you!

Kris Canning, Casting Agent
Go-Go Luckey Productions

Mother/Daughter Pageant TV Show

CW Network: Mother/Daughter Pageant TV Show

Hi, my name is Kristina McGann, and I'm a casting director for a new show for the CW Network called, "Crowned." It is a mother/daughter beauty pageant where the pairs will compete for a grand prize of $100,000. We are contacting various people who are keyed into the pageant world, because we know that you would know people who may be interested. Feel free to pass my information on to any people that might be interested.


Kristina McGann
Casting Producer, "Crowned"
818-569-3653 ext. 525
More info:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October E-Letter

HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE! Here is the October E-letter. If you no longer wish to receive emails from Cinderella, please let me know.
I am so happy to start off this E-letter introducing our Mini Miss_

Meet Our California Cinderella Mini Miss -Savannah Belle Preuss

Singing, Dancing, playing Pokemon on her Nintendo DS and going camping with her family are Savannah Belle's favorite things! She is an 8 year old 3rd grader and her favorite subject is math. She said that it is her favorite because it teaches her how to save and spend her money when she goes shopping!!! A native of California, Savannah is honored to be the Cinderella International Miniature Miss. She is the 2nd generation of her family to compete in the Cinderella System as her mother was an International Cinderella Teen and Mrs. America. Savannah Belle and her family spend a great deal of time raising money and awareness for cancer. After losing her Nana to cancer, Savannah decided to travel around the country with her mom volunteering and speaking about the disease and how to keep her Nana's spirit alive. When she grows up, she would like to be a veterinarian and a singer!!
Happy Birthday to our Cindy Girls--
Ruby Garcia
Malaika Elahi
Our very first "Glass Slipper" will be in the mail within the next week. I am very excited to be able to have California as the only State Pageant that has their own newsletter!!!

In this first issue you will find an entry form for the City Title Program.
Here are the details on the City Title Program:

This program is open to boys and girls of all ages upto age 24 years.

#1 Contestants submit 1-3 photos of themselves via mail, complete entry form (in the Glass Slipper), and write an essay

#2 Contestants will be judged on following:
Beauty- (60% )Delegates photos will be judged on photogenic appeal
and facial beauty.

150 Word Essay/Bio-(40% ) Delegates will be judged on creativity and
achievement( personal and/or academic). Bio will be displayed on our
web site and may be used in advertising.

If you are selected as the winner of your city you will receive your
title by paying the $125.00 City Title Fee and receive a Cinderella Pageant tiara or crown, embroidered satin sash and sash pin. You will also receive your free subscription to the Glass Slipper, your picture will be posted on our website and announced on 5-6 Pageant Bulletin Boards, you can attend as many free modeling workshops as you want and you will recognized at the State Pageant as a City Queen (0r Prince)! Plus your Beauty entry fee into our fabulous state competition in May 2008. Deadline to reserve local title is April 15th 2008 at midnight. City and Regional Titles will be first come first serve! There will only be one Teen San Francisco for example! So get your application in early so you can wear your city title.

And I am excited to announce that if you refer 5 contestants who sign up for the City Title Program you will be awarded a Hostess Title at the State Pageant! You will receive a full round crown, banner and a gift.
This is different than the referral program for State Pageant (see the Sept E-letter for those details).
Check our calendar in the Glass Slipper so you can see where Cinderella will be this fall and winter. We will be having our first Modeling Workshop combined with our official Cinderella Holiday Party - you don't want to miss it!

If you would like to host a Modeling Workshop let me know. What do you have to do to "host" a workshop? It is easy! You just have to invite as many friends as possible that you feel might be interested in Cinderella to your home for a workshop. I will come to your house and we will have a two hour workshop (free to all who attend) that will inlcude modeling lessons, wardrobe and makeup advice and includes a "goody bag" to each attendee. I hope to be able to do free workshops next year in "rented" spaces but this year I am unable to do this because of cost (I will be paying to get your location and staying overnight if necessary). If you know anyone who has a dance school or modeling school that would let us use their facility for two hours - I will give them one page of free advertising in the state program book!
The only "restrictions" on free modeling workshops are:
#1 if you live outside a 3 hour driving distance of LA, you must have at least 15 confirmed attendees before I can do the workshop. It just would not be a good use of my time or money to travel more than 6 hours round trip to give a workshop for 3-4 people. I am asking for 15 because we all know that if 15 confirm - aboout 7 or 8 will actually show up!
#2 Workshops are free for:
Anyone who is interested in getting information about Cinderella can attend one FREE workshop,
City Title Holders and any anyone who has pre-registered for the State Pageant may attend as many FREE workshops as they want

Let's talk Fund raising!

For many of those of us who love pageants, the cost can be prohibitive. At California Cinderella we are trying to make the state pageant affordable for everyone.

We have lots of Cinderella Programs that can help and there are other programs outside of our inhouse programs that you can raise money for your pageant participation.

You can buy Best Wishes ads for a pageant friend or have your friends and family buy them for you. Best Wishes ads are 1 line and cost $5 so everyone can afford them. For every ad you sell, $4 goes into your State Pageant Account!

Also along with raising money for your account - If you sell the most Best Wishes ads (minimum 30) you will be crowned Spirit of Cinderella and receive a 12" custom Cinderella crown (if Prince wins the a custom King crown will be awarded), monogrammed sash, robe and gift. If no one sells the minimum of 30 ads, the Spirit of Cinderella award winner will be the person who sells the most Best Wishes ads and will receive a tiara or crown and a gift. A winner will be awarded no matter how many ads are sold!

You can sell Lucky Draw tickets ($1 per ticket) and the winner (drawn at pageant and the winner need not be present to win) wins a $50 Gift Card to Target. Fifty cents ($.50) of every ticket you sell goes into your State Pageant Account.
You can also win titles along with making money for the pageant-
Royal King or Queen - sell 250 tickets and receive the Royal King or Queen title which includes a crown, sash and scepter.
Royal Prince or Princess - sell 200 tickets and receive the Royal Prince or Princess title and a large crown and sash
Royal Duke or Duchess - sell 150 tickets to win this title and a large tiara (crown for boys) and sash
Everyone selling 50 tickets will be recognized on stage with a tiara or crown and a gift.
The person who sells the most tickets over 250 will receive $100 cash along with the Royal King or Queen awards!
All tickets will be put in the drawing and one winner will be announced at the pageant. Please have tickets filled out completely prior to the pageant.

You can get local businesses, family and friends to purchase ad pages in our State Program book. Details on this will be in the Glass Slipper!

Make sure you read the article in The Glass Slipper for more ideas on how you can fund raise to compete in the State Pageant!

A lot of you might be new to pageants that have Interview. At Cinderella, the Interview Competition is one of the most important segments of competition as it allows the judges to really evaluate the contestants.

In every future issue of the E-Letter and in the Glass Slipper I will be listing 7-8 Interview type questions for the age groups (Tot, Mini Miss, Miss, Teen and Woman). It is a good idea to start a notebook with these questions and then add some of your own! We do not want rehearsed answers but these sample questions will give you an idea of what might be asked at State and Internationals. Remember that there are NO wrong answers. We are looking for well spoken contestants with lots of personality not necessarily the "smartest" contestants.

This month we will go over the Miss and Teen Division.
Next month we will discuss the Woman, and the Prince Charming Divisions. And at our state pageant we are going to have a FUN division- Cinderella Mom (grandmoms can compete too) and Cinderella Dad (granddads can compete too) and information will be in Glass Slipper- the best part is that Cinderella Mom and Cinderella Dad divisions are for fun and costs nothing to compete if your child is a contestant in the State Pageant!

Miss Division
As you have probably guessed - the Miss Division is just an older version of Mini Miss. White and pastels are still the most popular in this division. In this division, it is important that the dress fits! Our little girls are starting to grow up and it is difficult to find flattering off the rack dresses that do not try to make them look six years old. In this division a little age appropriate makeup is ok but NO eyeshadow that can be seen from farther than 3 feet. I would suggest light mascara if needed, loose powder and colored lip gloss that enhances the natural lip color and if you are great at blush then a little blush but it must be blended to look natural. If the judges can tell you have on makeup - they will deduct points in this age division. Hair should be natural and a down style is best. I do understand that some of our little darlings do not have "pageant hair" (my daughter has fine hair like I do) and that up do's sometimes just look better. Remember, do what enhances your child's natural beauty! If you feel your child looks best in an updo, then go with an updo as long as it is not with hair pieces or looks like she is ready for the prom! In this division you will still see white hose (if wearing a white dress) and nude hose. Shoes should be flats or if your daughter is at the older end of the age group, a small heel (1") is appropriate.

The teen division is less formalized than the younger divisions but we do not want low cut, tight fitting gowns or overdone makeup in this division either! Think of homecoming or prom type dresses but conservative! I have seen some prom dresses that are way too sexy for Cinderella Teen! Avoid anything that is cut below the waist line in the back and anything that shows too much bust. Chose a color that is your best color! I would not recommend black or red as those colors can be too harsh on stage without having on stage makeup. Soft colors are always a good bet but again, if you do not know your colors have them done and pick the most flattering color for you. Dresses should be floor length. The best stage length is covering the shoes! Toes peaking out from under a dress can be distracting! Remember the judges are sitting at floor level looking up to see you! Tan, taupe, beige or the great Cinderella (clear) shoe is best. Shoes that match your dress are popular but remember if you are in a fuchsia dress with fuchsia shoes - the judges eyes could be drawn down to your feet because of the color (if you dress does not touch the floor). Just a note here, there are no stairs to go up and down (like at Teen/Miss USA) so you do not have to worry about stepping on your dress. At state there will be 3-4 steps to get on the stage but you can ascend the stairs gracefully by gently holding your gown in the front (not on the sides as this makes the front still touch the floor) and then when you are at the first mark, you will have time to release the dress and get ready to be judged.

Next issue we will go into Sportswear and Interview competition wardrobes for all divisions! If you have not guessed, I run the State Pageant at International level rules so that there are no surprises in competition at the International level. Some state pageants are more "relaxed" at the State level than the International level but I feel this can be a disservice. But remember, at State we will be having the Cinderella Charm for those contestants who are new to pageants and want to wear Sunday Best type outfits and there is no modeling in the Charm Division! And for those who are more experienced and want just a little more Glitz we have the Cinderella Cameo Girl that is judged on facial beauty only, no attire score and no modeling score (no fake hair or nails allowed but you can wear makeup).

Thanks to all of you for letting a magic, Cinderella magic, into your email!

Sept 07 E-Letter

September 07 E-letter

I hope everyone has had a great summer and now is ready for back to school and an exciting Cinderella year.

As most of you know, California has not had a Cinderella Pageant in several years. It seems that most of Southern California pageant people are into the high Glitz type pageants. But natural systems are making strides here in California so I hope that we can get the word out about Cinderella. If you want to help, just let me know and I will send you out some brochures and for everyone contestant you refer that enters you will receive $25 off your State Fees! And the person referring the most contestants will win the Cinderella Hospitality Award and a large crown, full sash, gifts and a savings bond.

Here is the Cinderella Girl Pledge - we say it before each pageant! We also play the National Anthem and begin the competition with a prayer.

Cinderella Girl Pledge
On my honor I promise to do my best to live up to the high standards of the Cinderella Scholarship Pageant; to honor my God and country; to always conduct myself in a manner that is becoming to a young lady; to keep myself morally straight; to respect my mother and father; to recognize the rights of others; to keep the competitive spirit and be a good loser as well as a good winner; and dedicate myself to a world united in peace through love, mutual trust and understanding amongst the peoples of all nations, races and creeds.

What is Cinderella?

Cinderella is a Youth Development Program. We run it in a pageant format - but place no emphasis on physical beauty (or the cost of the clothes) - instead we concentrate on the development of poise and inner beauty. We do pageant workshops prior to all level of pageants. The workshops are free and we teach modeling, grooming, communication skills and discuss wardrobe, make-up, and hair.

How much does it cost?

The workshops are free and you are under no obligation to enter, however if you decide to enter, the cost is $100 for the preliminary which can be business sponsored (includes photogenic). The optionals are $5 each but they have no bearing on the overall title, just another opportunity for the child to be recognized. There are early bird incentives and family discounts available.

Are you an agency?

How can we get our child into commercials/magazines? I have 30 years experience as an agent but now I am a partner in a talent management company. We handle all ages and our Overall Winners are awarded one year contracts if they have an interest but should the winner have no interest, then they are under no obligation. Cindy Girls who have been in our program and have been successful were willing to move to LA or New York. Also lots of Cindy Girls go on to compete in the Miss/Teen USA and the Miss America and America's Outstand Teen Programs. We can, though, and do, offer the experience that is necessary if your daughter chooses to pursue either to get into show business or enter the "big girl" pageants.

What do they win?

On the preliminary level we award scholarships of entry fees to the State Finals - plus trophies, crowns, banners and special gifts. The state level awards over $5,000 in prizes and awards and the International Program awards over $80,000 - so you see it's quite a large program!

What kinds of clothes do they need?

First of all our wardrobe is very different than any other pageant system. Our party dress is not a "pageant" dress - it's more like you would really wear to church or a wedding and casual wear is just a nice little pants, skirt outfit, or sundress. We want to showcase your daughter, not the clothes. In the younger divisions (tot, mini miss, & miss) the girls wear a short dress but in the Teen division they wear a floor length formal. The International Woman wears a dress like a Miss America dress. Please note, that in the Local Preliminary we encourage girls to wear what they have in their closets, or what they can borrow, as they are not judged on their clothes. Casual wear is something the girls can really wear everyday, pants, sundress, skirt, etc.

What are the age divisions?

Baby Girls/Boys
0-12 mo.
12-24 mo
25- 36 mo

Prince Charming
5-7 yrs
18 - 25 yrs
(*note add'tl category if enough boys)

Boys & Girls can participate in our Baby Pageant which is just for fun and on the local level they just model one cute Sunday outfit and are escorted onstage by their chaperone. The Baby Pageant has a separate entry. On the State Level they have a close up appraisal, model casual wear, and model party wear. $100's of dollars to be won here.

3-6 years girls Tots They have an interview, model casual wear and party wear and have an onstage interview (tot personality) with the emcee.

7-9 years girls Mini-Misses They have an interview, model casual wear and party wear, and perform a talent.

10-12 yr. girls Misses They have an interview, model casual wear and party wear, and perform a talent.

13-17 yr. girls Teens They have an interview, model casual wear and party wear, and perform a talent.

18-26 yr. Cinderella Woman
(marriedor single ladies) They have an interview, model casual wear and party wear, perform a talent, and have an onstage question.

Cindy Mom
26+ years, married or single. They compete in evening gown only

Cindy Dad
26+ years, married or single. They compete in suit, tux or Sunday best

Next month I will go into detail about the Optional Competitions we will have at State!

I will be starting up our fee monthly modeling workshops in January. To attend you must be a city title holder or have pre-registered for the state as an Open Contestant. More on the City Titles to be in the Glass Slipper as I am working out the final details. These workshops will focus on basic Cinderella Modeling for competition, interview and onstage presentation and Cinderella attire. I hope to have a fashion show in March or April that will focus on Cindy approved attire! It should be a great fun event and great place to get acquainted with the Cinderella Pageant. Or perhaps get ideas for new competition attire.

If you have not sent me your address, please do so as soon as possible so you will receive the first issue of the Glass Slipper!

Now I want to introduce the 2007 California Cinderella State Overall Winners!

Mini Miss - Savannah Preuss
Miss - Londonn Winters
Teen - Denise Jenkins

You can read more about them in the Glass Slipper! They all did so great at Internationals - I am very proud of all of them.

Just so you can be thinking ahead about State, each issue I will talk in depth about one segment of competition. This month I want to talk about mandatory Party Wear (Beauty). So let's talk in general and then I will talk about each age division.

First and most important we use at every level the official Cinderella Modeling music which is timed so that every contestant has the same time in front of the judges on stage. The music starts with a harp sweep which is the time that the contestant takes her place at the first "X" on stage. This will always be upstage left. After a short musical interlude you will hear a beep, this is your cue to move to center stage. At this point, many contestants will do a double half turn, others will just stand in a model's stance until the next beep. At this beep you will move to end of the runway or front of the stage, in a model's stance pause until you hear the next beep. Here again, some girls will do a double half turn immediately upon arriving at this mark, others will wait until the beep to turn and then move to the final mark upstage right. There are several ways to approach this mark. Some prefer to hit the mark straight on and then do a half turn and wait for harp sweep, beep and exit. Others chose to do the Miss America swimsuit half circle. We do not want robots at Cinderella so you need to find whatever style you prefer. We do not allow props, or any kind of fancy modeling however. Your arms must be kept down at your side. Do not put your hands on your waist or hips. Also - keep your head up and have perfect posture. When it is your turn to exit, do so as gracefully as you entered with your head up and looking at the judges (as long as you can without running into a wall). DO NOT tilt your head and nod (a Southern Pageant thing). After each 10 contestants in the division have completed their Beauty, it will be time for group lineup. You will come out (with your group) and first be in a model's stance and quickly move into heel together to the music (it is addictive to hear that tick tick ticking) and then do a quarter turn to your right, Then at the cue, another quarter turn to the right (you now have your back to the judges so relax that smile), then one more quarter turn on cue and you will be profile to the judges, then one last quarter turn and back into your model's stance until the beep. Yes, we love those beeps at Cinderella!

Now, if you are NEW you might be thinking that this sounds too complicated or too difficult - but trust me it is so easy. And since everyone has to do the same thing in the same time frame, it is the fairest way to be judged as it does not matter if you have been doing Cinderella for years or if this is your first time - no one can have more time than you and no one can do routines or special entrances or exits. This allows the judges to score you on your confidence, poise, attire, and beauty without being distracted by what you are doing onstage. Even if you cannot attend the modeling workshops, we will have a one hour practice time (with instruction) prior to each preliminary and several practice times at the State. We will also have available to purchase the Cindy modeling music and modeling book very soon. And the video will be done by January I hope.

Now let's talk about attire by age division. I will start with Tot and Mini Miss this month!

Tot - this division wears short or tea length dresses, These dresses should be what you would wear to church/synagogue, a flower girl dress (t must NOT be floor length), or a special event. White and pastel colors are always popular but if you do not look good in white - then pick a color that you look great in! There should be little to no "glitter". few pearls or rhinestones in the bodice area is ok but don't to a full rhinestoned bodice as it might be too much for the Cinderella judges. Remember our motto - "Real kids in real clothes". This does not mean that you cannot get custom clothes if that is what you want to do. Some children are between sizes and off the rack clothes are either too long or too short, too tight or too baggy. We at Cinderella have nothing against "custom" clothes but unless you have a fitting problem, I am sure you can find tons of dresses anywhere from $20-$50 range that would be lovely. And this is a great opportunity to wear that special occasion dress hanging in the closet that you only wore once. This is just a personal thought - holiday type dresses (red velvet, black velvet, plaids) are ok for prelims but I would not suggest them for State or Internationals.

Shoes should match the hemline of your dress or you can't go wrong with a basic white Mary Jane. The socks should match the shoe and again on a personal note - don't do large bows or ruffles on the socks. It takes the judges eyes down from the face of to the feet!

Hair should be natural looking without a lot of hairspray. You can have it up or down (but down is usually the best in this age group). We discourage hair pieces or extensions. Now we don't go around and feel your head to see if you have in a fall or hair piece, but if it is obvious we will ask! Also be very careful about hair accessories in Beauty. Keep it minimum.
We do not allow makeup on this age group. If you want to put a little loose powder on the nose area and Vaseline or Chapstick on lips that is OK but no color, no mascara, no eye shadow, no foundation and no blush. If a judge sees makeup, points will be deducted.
I can not tell you now many people try to get around this rule and they apply eye makeup or lip color - please don"t. No one will wipe your face or embarrass you by asking but if the judges see it (and they will) it could keep you from winning.
No nail polish or acrylic nails! Clear polish is ok but no color.
Earrings should be studs only and no bracelets, rings, or necklaces unless they are something that you always wear and never take off.

Mini Miss
The Mini Miss attire is very similar to the Tot except that you will want to avoid mid calf length dresses as sometimes this look on a Mini Miss just looks "too big". White and pastels are great choices but on this group feel free to add a little color perhaps in a sash or color. Shoes and socks should match hemline. Stay away from short above the knee more than 3 fingers type dresses as when you make the mark in front of the judges they will be looking right up the skirt!!! Any decoration should be minimal. I find that pearls on a collar or up by the neck area, add warmth to just about anyone but make sure they are not over the top! Short sleeves with a tailored inset or a puff looks good. The type of sleeve should be chosen with your arm type in mind. If you have skinny upper arms avoid sleevess (which is not a good choice for anyone) and the puff sleeve, A tailored set in or slightly pleated sleeve looks best. If your upper arms are a heavy or muscular then a sleeve that is fuller will be more flattering.
Also be careful of what style waist you select. Some girls look best in low waisted dresses or empire waist, some in boxed pleats others in full gathered. We will talk about all the different styles and what looks best of what body type in a later newsletter.
Ankle socks are still seen in this division but you can also wear white hose (not tights). If you are at the older end of this age division nude hose is appropriate. Hair should be styled but not stiff. Keep hair accessories to a minimum. Remember in Cinderella - less is best!
Again we stress no makeup except powder and lip gloss.
No fake tans, no fake nails, no hair extensions! Natural is the key.

Miss Division
And you probably guessed - the Miss DIvision is just an older version of Tot and Mini MIss! White and pastels are still the most popular colors. In this division the dress must fit!!!! Our little girls are starting to grow up and it is difficult to find flattering off the rack dresses that do not try to make them look 6 years old! In this division a little age appropriate makeup is ok but NO eyeshadow that can be seen from 3 feet! I would suggest light mascara if needed, loose powder, colored lip gloss that enhances the natural lip color and if you are great at blush then a little blush but it must be blended to look natural. Hair should be natural and I wold suggest a down style.
In this division you will see white hose (if wearing a white dress) and nude hose. Shoes should be flats

About Cinderella

This is our first year back in California after a few years absence so we will be offering city titles instead of having a lot of preliminaries. This way your son or daughter can hold a city title (complete with tiara, banner and gifts), can receive monies off the State pageant, access to our monthly newsletter and our free modeling workshops without you spending a lot of money and time attending preliminaries!

Participants have several different age divisions ranging from toddlers to young women along with our Babies and Boys as well.

Unlike some pageants which are structured predominately upon "glitz", the Cinderella Pageant stresses the importance of "beauty in grace" assessing the contestant's grooming, poise and communication skills as major components of the event. Although, all level pageants feature mandatory categories of competition including "Beauty, Talent, Interview and Photogenic", these categories are not dependent upon hundreds of dollars of wardrobe, makeup, digitized photos or elaborate modeling routines. Rather emphasis is placed upon the contestant being all that he or she can be!

Our pageant is a well respected program that offers young girls (and guys) an opportunity to improve their self esteem, poise and communication skills as well as share their interests with others. As a well organized, quality program, this pageant is a great starting place for new pageant contestants and moms and well as for seasoned pros offering glamour, style and substance. It is a great place to get a career started in the entertainment industry (I have been an agent for 30 years) or start preparing for the Miss USA or Miss Amercia programs. I was an Executive Director with the Miss American program for many years and have judged numerous Miss USA pageants.

We have several programs at California Cinderella:

California Cinderella Calendar Girl
Monthly photo contest where the winner will receive a tiara, sash, gift and be in our 2008/09 calendar to be given out at 2008 Internationals.This is an online or mail in competition.

Cinderella Girl/Prince Charming
Consists of beauty, interview, sportswear and talent. Natural style pageant competition. No hair pieces, no glitzy attire, no computer generated pictures and age appropriate makeup. Our motto is real kids in real clothes!

California Charm
This is for the novice pageant contender (or a great practice for Cindy girls). This is beauty only, Sunday best attire to the official Cinderella modeling stage and music.

This is for our contestants who want to display their modeling and talent skills. Here is also the place for the glitz (but not mandatory). This competition is judges by entertainment professionals and a great place to be discovered!

Cameo Girl
This is our division for girls who like a little glitz. Wardrobe can be a little more fancy.

We also offer FREE modeling workshops before each prelim and we will have several before the state pageant.

Each contestant at our prelims we receive a tiara, trophy and an award package. No one goes home a "loser".

At the state pageant, each contestant will also receive a tiara, trophy, prize package and a title.

If you are interested in receiving our first newsletter (August 2007), more information or ask me a question please email me!

I look look forward to welcoming you to our Cinderella family!

The website should be up in about a month!


Our official newsletter The Glass Slipper will be mailed shortly - make sure you ask for your free copy! Our city title program will be launched in the Glass Slipper - it is your chance to win a crown and title without the expense of competing at a preliminary pageant! And you get $$$ off our 2008 State Pageant! We also have E-letters that go our every month and I will be posting them here too! SIgn up now for the E-letter.
We are planning our first free modeling workshop so check back for details.

Welcome To California Cinderella

Hello & Welcome to our California Cinderella.